Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long has it been since our district has run a bond for school remodel or construction?

    20 years since the School District has asked voters for bond dollars – much longer than any district surrounding Castle Rock.

    Our facilities have become outdated and severely deteriorated in that time.

  2. Did the district get input from the community before coming up with these plans and the bond amount?

    A 50-member community committee worked for a year to learn about our facilities from the experts and developed a plan for improving them. That team voted unanimously to recommend a $42 million bond issue to the school district Board of Directors. The Board has referred that bond to the voters.

  3. Why is security such an important part of this bond?

    Our schools were not designed for safety and security. All school entrances and other exterior doors must be redesigned and remodeled for security. The bond will fund door access control systems, video surveillance, lighting and emergency communication systems.

  4. How old are our school buildings and when were they last remodeled?

    The High School is almost 50 years old and has never been renovated; the Middle School is over 70 years old and was last remodeled 35 years ago; the Elementary Building is 57 years old and was partially remodeled in 1998.

  5. Has the district consulted professional engineers to evaluate the condition of the Middle School?

    A team of engineers, contractors and architects have determined that remodeling the Middle School will cost significantly more than building a new Middle School. This evaluation took place as a state required step in the spring of 2017.

  6. Why can’t we have the state pay for school remodels or construction?

    The state legislature has a clear policy that they will only partially match locally raised funds for the construction and major remodeling of schools.

  7. Will we be able to get any state funds for these projects?

    Upon passage of the bond, the district will receive approximately $17 million in match dollars for the projects – at no additional cost to our taxpayers!

  8. What are the costs of the individual projects?

    Costs (no frills): New Middle School: $34.5M; Modernized High School: $21.5M; Elementary School Improvements: $3.09M; Safety and Security Improvements: $385K; Transportation & Maintenance Garage: $515K.

  9. Why does it cost this much to build and renovate schools? Are these amounts excessive?

    Construction for schools need to meet rigorous safety standards as well as be able to stand up to the high-impact use of hundreds of students over decades, so the materials must be certified safe and very durable. These specifications are dictated by state codes and insurance requirements. Construction code requirements are different for schools than for residential construction and are inspected as such.

  10. What will the impact be on my property taxes?

    Tax Rates: 2018 total schools tax rate = $2.55; 2019 total schools tax rate = $4.57 (with the bond passing).

    For a $200,000 home, the increase would be approximately $33 per month.

    For a $300,000 home, the increase would be approximately $50 per month.

    For a $400,000 home, the increase would be approximately $67 per month.

  11. Will the district spend every penny of this bond on the construction/renovation of our schools, or will some of it be spent on other things?

    100% of this bond will be spent on the construction and renovation of our schools. It cannot and will not be transferred to our general fund or any employee paycheck.

  12. How can I trust the district will not spend this fund on anything else?

    The district financial reports will reflect this dedicated spending and independent audits every year ensure these reports are accurate. Our past audits have shown our district to accurately spend and report our finances; to do otherwise is clearly a violation of state law.

  13. What if these projects do not cost the full amount of the bond?

    If the projects do not cost the full amount of the bond, the tax will be lowered and/or ended early.

  14. Will the district be asking for more bond or levy taxes later?

    The state legislature has recently set a cap on levies, and this will begin in 2019. This bond has a term of 25 years, and the district is not planning on asking for additional funds.

  15. Why can’t we just add portables to the Middle School?

    The repairs needed at the Middle School will cost more than a new building on land our district already owns. It is certainly too small for our current student enrollment, and additional growth is projected.There is not space on the current Middle school property to add portables. The field behind the school is dedicated to student athletics and is currently less than the minimum to meet the needs of our students. Additionally, portables are an expensive short-term solution by the time they are moved, plumbed, wired and connected to the school alarm system. They do not hold up over time and are not a wise investment of resources.

  16. How long will construction take?

    The Middle School is projected to be ready approximately two years following the passage of the bond. Some renovations on the High School and the Elementary building could begin six months after the passage of the bond. The restructuring of the High School classrooms would need to wait until High School students can move temporarily into the current Middle School plus summer months.

  17. What will happen to the current Middle School land once the new Middle School is built?

    The Board is investigating the value of the land with and without the school building on it. Any revenues that would be gained from selling the land would go to pay down the bond.